At all locations of Indian School of Talent


Course Level: Beginner, Duration: 3 Months

Course Objective: To assess a player’s natural aptitude in Cricket

Course Outline:

    • Grip – Proper holding of bat in hand
    • Stance –
      • Placement of feet,
      • Position of Head, Chest, and Shoulder, Placement of bat on ground
    • Defence techniques –
      • Backfoot defence, Frontfoot defence,
      • Defending against fast bowling, defending against slow bowling
    • Drive –
      • On drive, Off drive
      • Cover drive against fast bowling, cover drive against slow bowling
    • Gripping the ball, finger and thumb placement
    • Fixing run-up, bowler’s jump, avoiding no-balls
    • Releasing the ball- wrist position, wrist movement, elbow strengthening, how to avoid chucking, arm swing
    • Fast bowling- knowledge of in-swinger, out-swinger
    • Spin bowling- off spin, leg spin



  • Exercises – Developing strength in body, strengthening wrists, shoulders, back and muscles of the legs
  • Safeguard against common injuries
  • Diet – What to avoid and what to eat



Student is observed and assessed on a daily basis. The trainer evaluates the development of student on different parameters like technique, knowledge, skill development and physical fitness.



  • At least one cricket match in a big playground with an outside team
  • Assistance in appearance in selection during district and state cricket team selections

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