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Department of Music


Course Level: Beginner, Duration: 3 Months

Course Objectives:

  • Singing in Sur, Laya and Taal
  • Knowledge and practice of Alankars and Raag with knowledge of Aaroh, Avroh, Pakad
  • Chhota khayal and bandish of raags covered in syllabus
  • Singing solo and singing in a group
  • Overcome stage fear
  • Improving voice quality
  • Improvement in breathing


Course Outline:

  • Theory
    • Types of Indian Classical Singing
    • Origin of different forms of singing
    • Famous singers and famous gharana of singers
    • Video and audio sessions
  • Basics of singing
    • Group and solo singing with Tabla and Tanpura
    • Singing at a Constant Pitch
    • Aakar Clarity
    • Harkat Improvement
  • Basic Knowledge of Raaga
    • Alankar
    • Raag Yaman
    • Raag Bilawal
  • Chhota Khayal of Raaga mentioned above
    • Practice of Bhajans related to Basic Raags covered
    • Practice of songs related to Basic Raags covered
  • Basic Taal (teen taal)
  • Voice exercises
    • Developing breath control
    • Improving voice quality
    • Daily riyaaz



  • At least one stage performance in front of a live audience every month
  • Solo singing on stage in front of a live audience second month onward
  • Participation in Singing competitions
  • Preparation for TV reality shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Indian Idol, etc.
  • Assistance in a professional video shoot

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  • Course Outline
  • Class Time and Scheduling
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