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Department of Dance


Course Level: Beginner, Duration: 3 Months

Course Objectives:

  • Learn to take basic steps of Kathak – ‘Tatkar’ comfortably in varying rhythm
  • Basic hand movements with tatkar
  • Practice of performing ‘chakra’
  • Perform together in a group
  • Learn expressions


Course Outline:

  • Theory
    • Types of Indian classical dances
    • Origin of different Indian Classical dance forms
    • Origin of Kathak, famous artists and Gharana of Kathak
    • Meaning of general terms used in Kathak
    • Quality of ghungaroos
    • Video sessions
  • Basic steps like
    • Basics of Tatkar, eight simple varieties of tatkar
    • Basic hand movement and mudra with tatkar
    • Practice of chakra
    • Developing speed
  • Basics of Expressing
    • Smiling
    • Eye contact
    • Joy
    • Surprise
    • Anger
  • Basics of dancing
    • Basic Hand Mudras
    • Basic Neck Movements
    • Developing speed while performing chakra
    • Dancing in a group – developing coordination
  • Warm up exercise
    • Developing body flexibility
    • Avoiding injury



  • At least one stage performance in front of a live audience every month
  • Participation in Dance competitions
  • Preparation for TV reality shows like DID and India’s Got Talent
  • Assistance in a professional video shoot

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  • Course Outline
  • Class Time and Scheduling
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