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We train students in drawing lines, different hues, shades, color combinations, showing depth, distance, seasons and different times of day. More importantly we nurture their creativity.

Course Level: Beginner, Duration: 3 Months

Course Objective: Basic technique of sketching and knowledge of colors

Course Outline:

  • Balance of hand
    • Pencil grip
    • Balance of Fingers
    • Pencil movement
    • Exercises of fingers
  • Making figures and sketches
    • Pencil shading in sketches
    • Practice of giving shape
    • Making figures and sketches with free hand
    • Making geometrical figures
  • Pencil shading
    • Direction of shading
    • Knowledge of showing direction of light
  • Color Effects
    • Coloring geometrical figures
    • Showing shadow-light effect through colors
    • Developing new color by mixing colors, using crayon, water color, poster color etc.
    • Using colors to show different effects like distance, time of day, intensity of light etc.
  • Practicing face and expressions
  • Learning transparency of water color
  • Developing pencil portrait, nature landscape, story illustration, and imagination through sketches and colors
  • Exhibitions
    • Experience of assisting trainers and senior students in organizing art exhibitions
    • Understanding ways of displaying art
    • Understanding visitor reaction to different art works displayed


Student is observed and assessed on a daily basis. The trainer evaluates the development of student on different parameters like technique, knowledge, and skill development.



  • Participation in at least one art exhibition every month
  • Participation in open art competitions held in the city

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