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Department of Dance


Our planned professional approach to each class ensures that the techniques of dance are taught in a fun, joyful and challenging environment.

Course Level: Beginner, Duration: 3 Months

Course Objectives:

  • Start work on developing body flexibility, following beats of a song
  • Learn to take basic dance count comfortably and pick up a new step quickly, Understand instructions like left, right, tilt, bend, jump in context with dancing
  • Overcoming stage fear


Course Outline:

  • Theory
    • Types of western dance
    • Origin of different dance forms
    • Famous artists of dancing
    • Video sessions
  • Basic steps like
    • Single step
    • Double step
    • Jumps
    • Turns
    • Shaking of hands
  • Basics of Expressing
    • Smiling
    • Eye contact
    • Joy
    • Surprise
    • Anger
  • Basics of dancing
    • Recognizing the beat
    • Dancing solo
    • Dancing in a group – developing coordination
    • Introduction to different dance forms
  • Warm up exercise
    • Developing body flexibility
    • Avoiding injury
  • Introductions to popular dance forms, one month each on
    • Bollywood
    • Contemporary
    • Hip Hop



  • At least one stage performance in front of a live audience every month
  • Participation in Dance competitions
  • Preparation for TV reality shows like DID and India’s Got Talent
  • Assistance in a professional video shool

If you are interested in Intermediate or Advance courses in Western Dance then contact us for information on:

  • Course Objective
  • Course Outline
  • Class Time and Scheduling
  • Materials List
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